UniversalCraft: ALWAYS the very latest version of Minecraft,
FULL access to the latest blocks, recipes, mobs, structures and biomes,
running the BEST and most up-to-date server plugins,
and ALWAYS free-to-play.

Our worlds:

Welcome to UniversalCraft – the universally acclaimed, friendly, multi-player Minecraft server experience suitable for all types of gamer, from the complete beginner to the experienced and seasoned professional.

Whether you are a PC, Mac, Linux, Android, Smart TV, Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch gamer, everyone is welcome to play happily together on the UniversalCraft servers using either Minecraft Java Edition™ or Minecraft Bedrock Edition™.

Do you like to game using the free-to-play model? Well, rest assured that we do NOT charge for “creative mode” here! Nor will it cost you anything to play plots, towny, skyblock, prison, survival, PVP or factions either. Quite simply, every single UniversalCraft server is completely FREE to play on.

UniversalCraft accessed using a computer with Minecraft Java Edition
The same UniversalCraft world accessed using a gaming console with Minecraft Bedrock Edition

UniversalCraft is a combined Minecraft game-playing environment for both Minecraft Java Edition™ and Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ players. It is made up of a fantastic and varied collection of Paper servers (Minecraft version 1.19) each running a carefully selected collection of popular and reliable plugins, all controlled and accessed using your regular Minecraft game client through a single coordinated Waterfall proxy interface for Minecraft Java Edition™ players and a single coordinated Geyser proxy interface for Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ players.

Check out the fantastic list of more than SIXTY plugins that we make available for all of our players to use! Those plugins include GriefPrevention to secure and protect every one of your builds, the many many useful commands provided by the EssentialsX suite, and even the fascinating and time-saving WorldEdit plugin is available for everyone to use in our creative worlds. All players can query the permanent in-game CoreProtect logs that we keep and maintain for every single world so you can always find out who has been touching your stuff!

Why not become a skilled artisan crafter within any of our survival-based servers where you can grow your business and live the high-life as a savvy entrepreneur? Maybe build up a successful reputation as an expert armorer, a renowned and wealthy weaponsmith, a revered and qualified brewer of the most powerful but delicate potions, or become a famous gourmet master chef? You can then sell your precious and valuable hand-made items to other players within your town, your faction, or the entire world at whatever price you choose to set. In UniversalCraft, all players receive the perk of being able to place their own permanent NPCs in game with the premium Citizens2 plugin and you can even have those NPCs continue to sell your merch items to other players when you are offline!

Finally, all worlds have publicly viewable high-resolution Dynmap real-time maps available online so you’ll never get lost and you can always find your friends.

We pride ourselves on proactively and aggressively keeping the UniversalCraft servers and their associated plugins as up to date as possible, even using development builds when necessary, so everyone can benefit from the newest Minecraft enhancements and latest cutting-edge features. When new biomes are released we expand the size of the UniversalCraft worlds so that those biomes are immediately available for all of our players to explore. We NEVER delete worlds either so your hard work is preserved for as long as you want to play.

Our “always the latest and greatest” policy also applies to all of our back-end infrastructure too – all of our servers use the Ubuntu 22.04 distro of Linux, the OpenJDK version of Java 17 and MariaDB 10.7 in a Galera Cluster configuration for maximum up-time.

We have community forums where you can discuss UniversalCraft, provide us with your valuable and useful feedback, and interact with other players even when you are not playing the game. Consult our Announcement Forum for all the latest news about UniversalCraft. For voice chat and quick messaging, we have a UniversalCraft Discord server available for use by all players.

This website also includes complete and comprehensive documentation for the various in-game commands as well as detailing how we have chosen to configure each of the servers and their collection of plugins. By meticulously publishing and sharing everything that we have learned and discovered while creating UniversalCraft we hope that this reference information will be of some value to other server owners as well. As a way of giving back to the Minecraft community, we are happy to answer any technical questions in our forums as well.

Connection Details

As demand grows, we regularly upgrade and relocate the various servers that power the UniversalCraft experience so be sure to always connect using ONLY the following official host names listed below. IP addresses WILL change without notice after server reconfiguration or maintenance. UniversalCraft always uses the default Minecraft port numbers which are TCP port 25565 for Minecraft Java Edition™ clients and UDP port 19132 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ gamers.

Server Address: play.universalcraft.net

To force a connection over IPv4, use: ipv4.universalcraft.net

To force IPv6 connectivity only, use: ipv6.universalcraft.net

For the benefit of players who are new to Minecraft Java Edition™, simply launch the game, click the “Multiplayer” button followed by the “Add Server” button. Fill in the following details and click the “Done” button:

Adding UniversalCraft Server Information to Minecraft Java Edition

You should then see UniversalCraft listed which you can double-click on to join the game.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ players on Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches, tablets, smart TVs and computers should launch the game, click the “Play” button followed by the “Servers” tab. Scroll down and click on the “Add Server” button. Fill in the following details and press the “Save” button:

Adding UniversalCraft Server Information to Minecraft Bedrock Edition

UniversalCraft will then be listed in the “Additional Servers” section on the “Servers” tab so select it and press the “Join Server” button.

Great, you are now up and running! See our exclusive Getting Started guide for information and tips on what to do next!