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VIP Ranks

Wood VIP $3 Per Month

Stone VIP $6 Per Month

Iron VIP $9 Per Month

Gold VIP $12 Per Month

Emerald VIP $15 Per Month

Diamond VIP $18 Per Month

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About UniversalCraft

UniversalCraft – the universally acclaimed, friendlyMinecraft server experience suitable for all types of player, from the complete beginner to the experienced and seasoned professional!

UniversalCraft is an online free-to-play Minecraft Java Edition™ game-playing environment which is made up of a fantastic and varied collection of Paper servers each running a carefully selected collection of popular and reliable plugins, all controlled and accessed using your regular Minecraft game client through a single coordinated Waterfall interface.

We pride ourselves on proactively and aggressively keeping the UniversalCraft servers and their associated plugins as up to date as possible so everyone can benefit from the latest Minecraft enhancements and new features. The same applies to our back-end infrastructure too – all of our servers use the CentOS 8 distro of Linux, Java 11 (OpenJDK) and MariaDB 10.5 in a Galera Cluster configuration for maximum up-time.