Minecraft Server Software


Home page: https://papermc.io/

All of the UniversalCraft game servers run the Paper server software which is a highly regarded fork of Spigot.


/execute in minecraft:the_nether run teleport <x> <y> <z>
Teleport yourself to the specified coordinates in the nether world.

/execute in minecraft:the_end run teleport <x> <y> <z>
Teleport yourself to the specified coordinates in The End.

/find <PlayerName>
Show if the named player is online in UniversalCraft.

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
Disable day/night cycle.

/gamerule doWeatherCycle false
Disable all weather in the current world.

List all players currently logged into UniversalCraft regardless of which Spigot server they are playing on.

/seen <PlayerName>
Show the last time a player logged in to a particular UniversalCraft server.

/setblock <x> <y> <z> <data>
Used to create a specific block along with optional block data. The first three parameters are the X, Y and Z coordinates of the world block to update. Use “~” to specific the player’s current coordinate or press TAB to auto-complete the coordinates of the block the player is currently looking at. Additional block state values are specified with a square bracket section after the block name. Block state names complete with all valid values can be found “Data Values” section of any Minecraft Wiki block page.

For example, to create a nether portal block facing orientated along the Z axis: /setblock ~ ~ ~ nether_portal[axis=z]

To create a bee nest full of honey: /setblock ~ ~ ~ bee_nest[honey_level=5]

The standard Minecraft /xp command is inaccessible and is replaced by a similar command with the same name when the EssentialsX plugin is installed.


Basic Minecraft server configuration values are stored in the server.properties file. For more information about all of the values configured in that file see: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Server.properties

The following documents the default values that we have modified for the UniversalCraft servers.

Maximum Number of Logged In Players

This is defined as the value “max-players” in the server.properties file.

One this limit is reached no further players are permitted to join the server until a current player logs off.

This restriction can be bypassed by operators, but only if the “bypassesPlayerLimit” is set to “true” for a particular operator in the ops.json file.

Disable Nether / The End

Many servers do not require a Nether or The End. To disable these server-wide, set the following properties:




allow-end: false

Disable Spawn Protection

Minecraft defines a default property called “spawn-protection=16” in the server.properties file. This functionality only allows operators to build within those areas which is of limited use. This property value has therefore been changed to 0 in all worlds as our spawn areas are protected by WorldGuard regions which are permissions aware and permits players in the “Administrator” group to build there.


The following property is set to “true” in the server.properties file to automatically kick any non-whitelisted players when the server reloads the whitelist file.