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Another of PaperMC‘s open source products, Waterfall, is a fork of SpigotMC‘s BungeeCord software and is what sits between the external internet and our multiple, internally hosted, Paper servers. This proxy server software allows a player to move from one Paper game server to another without having to disconnect and reconnect their own Minecraft game client.

PaperMC also have a newer Minecraft proxy product that they have built from scratch called Velocity. We have evaluated this new proxy software and are very impressed with it, and we continue to follow its ongoing and active development closely. Because it is newer, Velocity doesn’t yet have the same large amount of plugins that third party authors have written for BungeeCord and, because they use a completely different API, BungeeCord plugins will not work with Velocity.

Here at UniversalCraft, we currently continue to use Waterfall on all of our public facing servers although we do intend to migrate over to Velocity just as soon as we can. At the present time we are yet to find suitable Velocity-compatible replacement plugins that provide the same level of vital and useful functionality that we benefit from by using as the following BungeeCord plugins:

Waterfall Commands

/alert <message>
Message all players on all servers.

Stops the proxy server.

/find <player>
List which world a player is currently logged into.

Reload the proxy configuration.

Lists all the game servers that can be connected to.

/server <server name>
Connect to the specified game server.


Note that Velocity, Waterfall and BungeeCord all use the § character for color codes. On a Windows computer this unusual character can be entered by simply holding down the left Alt key and typing 21 on the numeric keypad.

For example, in the config.yml file:

motd: §eIt's §4§lUniversalCraft§r§e vs. 1.18.2 - §bSurvival§e, §bCreative§e, §bTowny§e, §bPlots§e, §bFactions§e, §bPVP§e, §bPrison§e, §bSkyblock§e + more!!!


When shutting down, Waterfall and BungeeCord store the name of the last server each player was connected to in the file locations.yml.