Permissions Configuration

The following security groups and associated permissions are defined within the UniversalCraft playing environment.

At UniversalCraft we are happy to modify and extend these permissions either everywhere or on a per-server basis whenever there is sufficient user feedback and enthusiasm for doing so. If you believe that additional permissions should be granted then please make a request along with a suitable explanation and justification in the UniversalCraft forums.

As is common practice, we use our chosen permissions plugin to also store chat prefix and suffix formatting information for each security group.


The “guest” group which is called “default” by the LuckPerms permission management plugin that we use is the default group that all new players are assigned to when first logging in to UniversalCraft. The group has the following permissions:

ab.warns.owntrueAllow /warns command of the AdvancedBan plugin to view your character’s history of any previously received warnings.*trueAllows players to right-click blocks. Needed by guests so they can click the ServerSigns sign at the end of the tour.
lwc.*falselobbyPrevent default usage of the LWC Extended plugin in the Lobby Server.
serversigns.usetrueAllows public signs to be clicked.

The chat prefix defined for this group is: “&9Guest&7: &b”

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