DNS Configuration

We present the following information in the hope that it might benefit anyone who is setting up their own Minecraft servers.

Domain Registration

Registering your own domain name is not strictly necessary for anyone wishing to create a publicly accessible Minecraft server. You can either just promote the IP address of your server or use the existing default host name of your server. e.g. server12345.anyhostingcompany.com

Alternatively, there’s nothing wrong with hosting your Minecraft server at home yourself which wouldn’t involving paying a hosting company at all just so long as your home internet connection has sufficient bandwidth, up and down, to support the number of players you expect to cater for. For this sort of setup, you just need sufficient technical experience to be able to configure your home router to forward incoming Minecraft connections to your home computer that is running your Minecraft server.

For us, we wanted to offer a website as well as a Minecraft server. Hosting companies that offer Minecraft hosting will also usually give you a basic website as well but we didn’t want to be limited to a small predefined list of website templates that such cookie-cutter hosting packages usually offer. We wanted full control of the website, completely separate from the Minecraft server hosting itself.

There are countless domain registration companies out there and, although they all claim otherwise, they’re all pretty much the same. We happen to use Google Domains, but any domain registrar that provides configurable DNS hosting as part of their domain package will do just fine.

Root Domain DNS Records

Our domain name universalcraft.net has an A record which points to the IPv4 address of our web server running Apache 2.4, PHP 7.4 and our own installation of the WordPress content management system. As is usually the case, we added a CNAME record called “www” that points to “@” which is a standard DNS reference to the base domain name. This simply means that our website can be accessed regardless of whether you type “universalcraft.net” or “www.universalcraft.net” into the address bar of your browser.

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