Technical Information

This website also includes complete and comprehensive documentation for the various in-game commands as well as detailing how we have chosen to configure each of the servers and their collection of plugins. By meticulously publishing and sharing everything that we have learned and discovered while creating UniversalCraft we hope that this reference information will be of some value to other server owners as well. As a way of giving back to the Minecraft community, we are happy to answer any technical questions in our forums as well.


Check our our exclusive and detailed guide on how to improve your Minecraft playing experience by using shaders to dramatically change the visual appearance of the game:

Minecraft Java Edition running with a shader pack installed

Resource Packs

For those of you with less powerful computers that are not able to run shaders we also have an additional guide that shows you how to make use of Minecraft resource packs instead.

Minecraft Java Edition running with a resource pack installed


Feel free to consult our permissions reference pages where we meticulously document every single permission setting that is in use throughout all of our Paper servers. This is a great resource if you are experiencing any permission-based issues yourself while running your own Minecraft server.

Proxy Software

In this technical article we talk about our use of the Waterfall proxy software. A fork of Bungeecord, these software projects allow a Minecraft player to connect to multiple Minecraft servers without having to keep logging out and back in again.

Server Software

Regardless of whether you run Bukkit, Forge, Spigot or Paper, running any successful Minecraft server is an immensely difficult thing to do properly. Our server software article describes how we set up and configured our collection of game servers that all work together to provide the full UniversalCraft gaming experience.

DNS Configuration

Our final technical paper that we have published for the benefit of the Minecraft community as a whole documents how we have configured our DNS settings – a vital and crucially important component of any publicly accessible Minecraft server. We show you how to fully set up your domain name so that players can not only connect to your server using their game client, but also view your associated website and multiple Dynmap world maps too.

Example DNS configuration settings