Providing proper support for players who are participating in any gaming environment that is free-to-play is always difficult. Running UniversalCraft has always been carried out by unpaid volunteers who also have regular day jobs/commitments.

That said, we still wish to provide a great playing environment that is fun to play in and that everyone, including ourselves, can enjoy. We have always aimed to create a game that is stable and reliable but we know that from time to time problems do still occur.

We have installed the PureTickets plugin on all of the UniversalCraft Paper servers for players to use to request help. Each Paper server shares the same database so players can always see the current status of all of their tickets regardless of which UniversalCraft game server they are currently playing in.

Each day we will give priority to VIP players by investigating and answering their support requests first.

How To Request Help

From within your Minecraft client, type:

/ticket create <Message>

where “<Message>” is a description of the problem you are experiencing.

An example of a poor quality ticket which won’t receive an answer would be:

/ticket create I fell into lava and died due to lag. I want my stuff back.

Another poor quality ticket example is:

/ticket create sum1 haz buildz on my landz

If you want your own exclusive “land” then you should play on our Plots, SkyBlock or Towny servers. We also provide the GriefPrevention plugin for use by all players on all of the other servers so that you can prevent other players from building too close to you. If you chose not to use that privilege when you originally built your house, we cannot assist after the fact.

Oh, and please leave the leetspeak out of the ticket message! A properly written ticket with correct spelling and grammar is far more likely to be answered positively. An example of a good ticket would be:

/ticket create The chests in my home (at 5285,80,-2841 on the Survival server overworld) can be opened by other players and the /cprivate command does not appear to be locking them correctly.

A ticket like this allows an administrator to quickly visit your home and review what has happened. By providing additional information such as what commands you are using, what you are expecting to happen and what is actually happening also goes a long way to making sure your issue is resolved quickly and to your satisfaction.

To view your open support requests type:

/ticket list

Each of your support requests are numbered. You can add an additional comment to any open ticket by typing:

/ticket update <TicketNumber> <Message>

An example of adding additional information to the above “good” ticket example would be:

/ticket update 1 I am sure that a silk-touch pickaxe has been removed within the last month from one of the crates that was supposed to be protected by the LWC plugin. Would you please investigate and advise who took it. The locked crate is at 5207,88,-2791.

To show the response to a support request, just type:

/ticket show <TicketNumber>

To close a support ticket, type:

/ticket close <TicketNumber>