Towny Server


Don’t be a nomad, become the mayor of your very own town in the UniversalCraft Towny Server instead!

Forge mutually beneficial alliances with other towns to create all-powerful nations, or declare war on enemy nations and encourage your residents to take up arms!

Don’t want to found your sprawling metropolis in the overworld? No problem! The UniversalCraft towny server also has Nether and The End worlds in which to create bizarre alien-looking towns for additional difficulty and challenges.

Our Towny server uses the Towny Advanced collection of plugins and extensions. See our dedicated Towny Advanced plugin page for further information regarding what commands are available and how to play.

How to Begin Playing Towny

After logging in to UniversalCraft, you can transport yourself to our Towny server by typing: /server towny

Leave the spawn area in any direction you choose and look for either a nice looking town to join or a suitable place in which to start your own town. The dynamic map on the Towny Server page will no doubt aid you in your search. You can also type /town list to display the names of all towns in the world. Towns with public spawns can be teleported to instantly by clicking on their names in that list.

While you are looking you will need to earn some virtual in-game money to pay for things in towns such as plots and taxes. Type /money and you will see that you currently have zero dollars if you have joined the server for the first time. See the Jobs Reborn plugin for details about how to carry out tasks to earn money.

Once you have earned some in-game virtual currency, use the standard Minecraft chat functionality, Discord or the UnversalCraft forums if you are looking to join an existing town in order to receive an invite from a town staff member.

Once you have accepted an invitation to join an existing town, you will need to purchase one or more plots in which to begin building. Wander around town until you see the previously mentioned for-sale message. If the price being asked is acceptable to you type /plot claim to become the owner of the plot. Repeat this for adjacent plots to create a larger area in which to build your town home.

If you would prefer instead to create a brand new town of your own within the UniversalCraft Towny Server and become the mayor of that town, find a suitable location away from other existing towns and type the command /town new <TownName> where “<TownName>” is the name you would like your town to be known as.

It costs $250 of virtual in-game currency to create a town. The Minecraft chunk that you are standing in when you enter that command then becomes the “home plot” of your town and your town can expand in any direction from that chunk. Typing this command at any time returns you to your town’s home plot: /town spawn

The Towny Advanced plugin enables PVP by default in newly created towns. Use the command /town toggle pvp to disable PVP within your town’s boundary.

The town itself also has a bank balance which is used to pay for claiming new areas of land as well as paying town upkeep costs to either the nation the town belongs to or directly to the server. If the town’s bank balance reaches zero the town will be deleted. To begin with, as a new mayor you will need to invest in your new town by transferring some of your character’s virtual in-game currency to your town’s bank account by typing /town deposit <Amount> to transfer the specified amount of money.

This command can only be done in your designated home plot or in a future bank plot belonging to your town.

With money now in the town bank you can then reserve additional chunks of land for future residents to build on. This becomes easier if you enable the Towny plot on-screen display using /plot perm hud.

Holding down F3 while typing G is a really cool tip – it switches on or off your ability to see the edges of where each Minecraft chunk starts and ends.

Move into another chunk that is adjacent to your designated home plot and enter this command to claim that chunk as well: /town claim

It costs $25 of virtual in-game currency to claim each additional chunk. Mayors then offer those chunks for sale, at a price of their choosing, to town residents as “plots” by using the command /plot forsale <Price> on each plot they stand in. Players will then see an on-screen message when they move into any plot that is available to buy.

To see the current statistics of your town, including the number of plots you have claimed and the current maximum permitted size of your town enter /town

You are now ready to start inviting other players into your town as residents. Type /town add <PlayerName> to send an invitation to another player who is online.

Server Configuration

The Towny server has the following modified configuration values:

Enable PVP: