Survival Server


This is the main UniversalCraft server and a great place to start your adventures.

To transport yourself to the Survival Server, type: /server survival


See our exclusive Getting Started guide for information and tips on what to do once your character arrives in this server.

The peaceful and sleepy hamlet of Mineport – the starting location and where adventures begin in the UniversalCraft Survival Overworld.

The items you collect or craft in the Survival server can be safely stored as, by default, all containers that you place such as chests and furnaces are private and can only be opened by your character. Likewise, you will not be able to open chests that were placed by other players unless they specifically give you permission to do so.


The UniversalCraft Survival Server has the following modified configuration values:


Special thanks to the following players for their schematics which we have made use of on this UniversalCraft server.

Creative Temper’s Trading Ship by LUCKYTRIP777, available at:

Castle #1 by raph609, available at: