Plots Server


Stake your claim to your very own plot in the UniversalCraft Plots server! Let your imagination run wild as you build freely in creative mode complete with flying mode and WorldEdit fully enabled. You can even merge adjacent plots together if you need even more room to complete your design masterpiece.

We use the very latest “version 5” of the highly regarded PlotsSquared plugin to bring you a great “plots” experience at UniversalCraft. We have also installed the optional Plots2Dynmap plugin extension as well so details of owned and unowned plots are included in the dynamic map for this server shown below. This should make it much easier to find an unclaimed plot in a nice neighborhood

There is no Nether or The End on the UniversalCraft Plots server.

To transport yourself to the Plots server, type: /server plots

Server Configuration

When running the PlotSquared world creation wizard, we used the following values so as to create much larger plots than normal:

Generator: PlotSquared
World type: normal
Plot height: 32
Plot width: 70
Plot block: minecraft:stone
Plot floor block: minecraft:grass_block
Top wall block: minecraft:stone_slab
Wall block (claimed): minecraft:sandstone_slab
Place or not the top block: true
Road width: 16
Road height: 32
Road block: minecraft:gray_concrete
Wall filling block: minecraft:stone
Wall height: 32
Plot bedrock generation: true

The Plots server has the following modified configuration values:


allow-end: false



Special thanks to the following players for their schematics which we have made use of on this UniversalCraft server.

Intel GA-Z270-Phoenix Gaming (rev 1.0) (Gigabyte) by MatthewStevenGo, available at:

The Simpsons Duff Zeppelin by DaxesMC, available at: