Factions Server


So, just what is “factions”, how do you take part in it as a Minecraft player, and how is it different from the more familiar “creative” or “survival” playable game modes?

Factions isn’t just about constantly fighting every other player within sight! Indeed, if that is actually the sort of gameplay you seek then be sure to check out our dedicated UniversalCraft PVP server instead. Factions, on the other hand, is far more civilised and involves carefully managing diplomacy and relationships with other groups of players.

This type of gameplay, with players grouped into different “factions” (and then factions themselves grouped together into different “nations”) has always been an immensely popular gameplay mode within the more experienced Minecraft player community, with its structured fighting and formal rules-based PVP offering a much more enjoyable, consistent and far more satisfying player combat experience.

On a less positive note, implementing a long-lasting and reliable factions-style server has been difficult as many plugins that provide faction functionality have long since been abandoned by their authors. Those plugins then tend to stop working whenever newer versions of Minecraft are released.

One of the first faction plugins was MassiveCraft Factions, version 2 of which supported Minecraft versions 1.7 to 1.12, but it subsequently failed to run correctly with later versions. To fix this, the original authors then rewrote their plugin as a new product, Factions3, for Minecraft versions 1.13 and later. Sadly, this new version failed to work again with Minecraft 1.16.

Seeking something a little more reliable to use within our own gaming environment at UniversalCraft we chose to use an alternative product, SaberFactions, instead. This is a fantastic plugin and offers full compatibility with a wide range of Minecraft versions. It is a fork of the now abandoned SavageFactions which itself was a fork of the still-maintained FactionsUUID plugin so if you have used either of those plugins before then the commands you need to enter will look very familiar.


After logging in to UniversalCraft, you can transport yourself to our factions server by typing: /server factions

The UniversalCraft Factions Server Spawn Location

On this server you and your team can explore the Overworld, Nether and The End worlds looking for enemy bases to defeat. Don’t forget to keep your own base well defended though!

Finding A Faction

To get started, use the server chat functionality to ask out loud which factions are actively recruiting new members at the moment. You can also type /factions list to show all existing factions. To view information about a particular faction such as when it was created, the power it holds, the number of members it has or who it is at war with, type /factions who <TagName> where the <TagName> parameter is one of the faction tag names shown in green by the /factions list command.

You will see an on-screen message when another player invites you into their faction. You might also be lucky enough to receive several invites to different factions if you ask out loud in server chat. You should then type:

/faction join <TagName>

This will result in you becoming a member of the faction with the tag name you specified. If you eventually change your mind and want to join another faction you will need to leave any existing faction you belong to first using:

/faction leave

Creating A Faction

Alternatively, you can create your own faction by typing /factions create <TagName> like in this example:

/factions create SuperDudes

The “<TagName>” parameter can be up to ten alpha-numeric characters that will uniquely identify your faction – spaces and punctuation characters are not permitted by the plugin and inappropriate or offensive names are not permitted within the UniversalCraft game-playing environment and will be removed. Although the tag name has to be quite short, you can add a longer description to describe your faction using the /factions description <Description> command. For example:

/factions description This is my brand new faction!

You can then query the information held about your faction using the /factions who <TagName> command:

/factions who SuperDudes

You will automatically become the leader of the faction that you create. Once your friends log in to the UniversalCraft Factions server, invite them into your faction using:

/factions invite <PlayerName>

After creating your faction the next step is to move away from the world spawn area and find a suitable location in which to create your faction base.

To claim a chunk of land, type:

/factions claim

If you claim a chunk of land for your faction by mistake, you can release it with:

/factions unclaim

For a full list and explanation of all available faction commands, please see our dedicated SaberFactions plugin page.

Server Configuration

The UniversalCraft Factions server has the following modified configuration values:


Enable PVP:



Special thanks to the following players for their schematics which we have made use of on this UniversalCraft server.

Spawn by jeddell, available at: