Creative Server


All players get creative mode on this UniversalCraft server free of charge.

Coming into land at the UniversalCraft creative world airport

To transport yourself to the Creative server, type: /server creative


On the map below you can see the cruise ship that brings you to the UniversalCraft Creative server Overworld. Disembark from the ship by using the exit hatch on the right and proceed off the docking quay. You will be in creative mode already and you will be able to place/break blocks once you leave the protected spawn area that is shown in red on the map below.

Alternatively, if you’d like to play in creative mode in the Nether or The End, then that’s no problem – you can do that straight away in UniversalCraft! Go back through the portal on the cruise ship to return to our Lobby server, and then re-enter the Creative server using either the Nether or The End portals which you can find further to the right inside the lobby. Don’t forget that there is also a second creative server for you to play on, our CreativeFlat server, which is great if you prefer to play on a flat world without any biomes or weather to worry about.

Server Configuration

The Creative server has the following modified configuration values:

Force creative mode for all players:



Special thanks to the following players for their schematics which we have made use of on this UniversalCraft server.

MS Regal Princess [Full interior] by The_Gameurs, available at:

Large Airport by ronman101, available at: