WorldBorder Plugin



The WorldBorder plugin prevents a Minecraft world from become too large by confining players to a specific area of the world, usually a fixed circle that is defined as a specific radius away from the central spawn area of the world.

This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft servers. Each world has a different border radius defined which is based upon demand for land within each world. UniversalCraft world borders are also expanded whenever a new major Minecraft version is released so that players can find and explore any newly released biomes.

The /worldborder command can be shortened to /wb instead.


/worldborder <WorldName> fill [freq] [pad] [force]

Generate chunks within the border for the specified world.
[freq] is the number of chunks that the server should try to generate per second. A value of five or lower will reduce lag on the server while the world is being regenerated.
[pad] is the number of blocks beyond the border to generate. Defaults to 208.
The [force] parameter should be specified as “true” to regenerate chunks that have already been created.

/worldborder <WorldName> set <Radius> spawn

Set the border radius for the specified world.

/worldborder <WorldName> trim [Freq] [Pad]

Trim chunks outside of the current border, reducing the amount of storage space that your world requires.

The <Freq> frequency parameter is the number of chunks per second that should be checked to see if they should be removed. The default value is 5000 specifying a higher value may slow down your server, and using a lower value will take longer for the trim operation to complete but will have less of an impact on server response times for current players.

The <Pad> parameter defines how many blocks beyond your defined world border that should be kept. The default value of 208 prevents any additional chunks being spawned within the world, even if a player travels right up to the very edge of your world border.

/worldborder add <distance> [<time>]

Increases or decreases the world border diameter.

/worldborder center <pos>      

Recenters the world boundary.

/worldborder damage amount <damagePerBlock>   

Sets the world border damage amount to the specified value. Any player outside the world border buffer takes this amount of damage per second per block past the world border buffer distance.

/worldborder damage buffer <distance>   

Sets the world border buffer distance to the specified value. Players won’t take damage until they move past this distance from the world border.

/worldborder get   

Returns the current world border diameter.

/worldborder warning distance <distance>  

Sets the world border warning distance to the specified value.

/worldborder warning time <time> 

Sets the world border warning time to the specified value.