SaberFactions Plugin



This plugin is installed on the UniversalCraft Factions server. The SaberFactions plugin is also aware and fully compatible with the Dynmap plugin and can show faction information directly on the dynamic maps for this server without needing additional plugins to be installed in order to do so.

Unlike many other Bukkit-compatible plugins that provide “factions” style functionality, SaberFactions continues to be actively worked on by a group of enthusiastic and talented developers. This made it an obvious and easy choice to make use of it for our UniversalCraft Factions server. Indeed, the only problem we have experienced with it so far is that the official documentation for SaberFactions is either extremely poor or missing completely in places. Proper documentation has been promised by the authors of the plugin in the future but, in the meantime, we are happy to share own own notes regarding the configuration and usage of SaberFactions on this page. Also, check out our Factions server page for an easy-to-follow guide on how to get started using SaberFactions.


Note that the /factions can be shortened to /f instead.

Getting Faction Information Commands

/factions list

Displays a list of all existing factions. Use this option to find the tag name of a faction you would like to join or to check if a tag name is already in use when you are looking to create a brand new faction of your own.

/factions who <TagName>

The output from the /factions list command shows the tag names of all currently created factions in green text. To display information about a specific faction, use this command specifying the tag of the faction you wish to inspect. You can then see who to contact in order to apply to join that faction for example.

Creating or Updating a Faction Commands

/factions create <TagName>

Use this command to create your own brand new faction with the specified name. The name must consist of up to ten letters or numbers only as spaces and punctuation characters are not permitted by the plugin. Each player can only be a member of one faction at a time so if you want to create another faction you must leave your existing faction first.

/factions description <Description>

Although faction names can only be up to ten characters long, you can add a longer description after creating your faction. Use this description to describe your faction’s purpose, aims, goals, philosophies, gameplay style or what your faction stands for. This description will then be shown to any players who use the /factions who command.

/factions tag <NewTagName>

This command is used to change the tag name of your faction. The new tag name must not already be used by another faction on the server.

Faction Member Commands

/factions join <TagName>

Join the specified faction.

/factions home

Teleport your character to the home location of the faction you belong to.

Faction Base Commands

/factions map 

Displays a text representation of the surrounding area.

/factions title <PlayerName> <TitlePrefix>

Set the specified player’s prefix that will appear in chat.

Faction Member Management Commands

/factions ban <PlayerName>

Ban the specified player preventing them from using the /factions join command to join your faction.

/factions banlist

List all players that have been banned by your faction.

/factions coleader <PlayerName>

Promote the specified player to the role of deputy leader of your faction.

/factions leader <PlayerName>

Transfer ownership of your faction to the specified faction member.

/factions kick <PlayerName>

Remove the specified player from your faction.

/factions mod <PlayerName>

Grant moderator permissions to the specified player within your faction.

/factions open <yes|no|flip>

Defines the policy for new players joining your factions. When set to “yes” any player can join your faction by just using the /factions join command. By default, newly created factions are closed so that only players who receive an invite may join your faction. Use /factions open flip to toggle this policy setting.

Beware of having an “open” policy faction for your faction. Doing so allows players to join immediately even if no one else who belongs to your faction is online. Such an open policy may result in players joining your faction, potentially grief your faction base, and then leave. Make sure you have a robust set of permissions in place before making your faction “open”.

/factions unban <PlayerName>

Remove the specified player name from your faction’s list of banned players.

Faction Travel Commands

/factions sethome

Set the home location of your faction to the current location you are standing.

/factions setwarp

Create a new warp destination location based on your current position.

/factions warp

Opens the Saberfactions warp menu interface.

/factions wild

Open the Saberfactions random transportation menu interface. Porting to a random location in the wilderness using this command appears to be broken in the current version of Saberfactions.

Factions Chat Commands

/factions chat <ChatMode>

Sets the official chat mode for your faction. The options for the <ChatMode> parameter are:

alliance – Faction chat is visible to all factions in your nation.
faction – Faction chat is visible to your own faction.
mod – Only faction moderators can chat.
public –
truce –

Faction Ally Public switch to Faction Ally Public Chat

/faction coords

Broadcast your current location to your faction members.

Factions Combat Commands

/factions weewoo <start|stop>

Switch the alarm on or off to inform all members that the faction is being raided.

Factions Admin Commands

/factions bypass

Toggle admin bypass mode. When admin bypass mode is enabled you can build or destroy anywhere and claim any amount of land for safezones and warzones. This is useful for server owners when first creating their faction server world.

Miscellaneous Saberfactions Commands

/factions version

Displays the current version of the Saberfactions plugin being used on the server. UniversalCraft also publishes this information for all plugins on our Plugins page.

/factions lowpower

List player with power under max from your faction

/factions showclaims

List all claims from your faction

/factions perms 

Change what players can do in your claims

/factions upgrades

Upgrade various perks in your faction

/factions checkpoint

Set a faction checkpoint

/factions chest

Open a virtual faction chest

/factions shop

Open Shop GUI

/factions check

Manage All Check Settings

/factions missions 

Open/Manage all mission/objectives to complete!

/factions alts 

Manage All Alts via commands

/factions corner

Use this command in a corner chunk to claim your entire buffer.

/factions logout

Safety logout hcf style

/factions global

toggle public chat off and only allow faction based chats.

/factions points

Check your faction points

/factions invsee

Check a faction members inventory

/factions stealth

Go into stealth mode to not disable enemies flight.

/factions notifications

Disable or enable faction claim notifications


The SaberFactions plugin stores its data in the server’s plugins/Factions directory. The files found there have been modified as follows:

Filename: conf.json

Note that, unusually for a Minecraft Java Edition™ plugin, this configuration file is a JSON file and should be formatted differently to a YML file.

Enable integration with Dynmap:

dynmapUse: true,

Filename: config.yml

Make player teleporting within the wilderness free of cost:

      Cost: 0
      Cost: 0
      Cost: 0