Prison Plugin



This plugin is installed on the UniversalCraft Prison Server.



the Main core command, by executing it you’ll get a list of all the subcommands.

/prison alerts

Prison Alerts, you can clear a Prison Alert or All of them

/prison autofeatures

Show a description of the AutoFeatures and some info about them.

/prison gui

This command will open the /prison GUI where an admin can manage a lot of things about prison on a GUI.

/prison modules

Prison Modules command, will show a “status” for modules, like enabled or disabled.

/prison placeholders

Show a list of Prison Placeholders available at the moment you execute the command in the place you’re.

/prison reload/prison version

Show many infos about prison and also some placeholders

/ranks [ladder]

/ranks command

/ranks create [rankName] [cost] [ladder] [tag]

/ranks delete [rankName]

/ranks demote [playerName] [ladder] [chargePlayers]

/ranks info [rankName]

/ranks ladder

/ranks list [ladderName]

/ranks players [ladderName] [action]

/ranks player [player]

/ranks promote [playerName] [ladder] [chargePlayers]

/ranks set

/mines block

/mines command

/mines create [mineName]

/mines delete [mineName] [confirm]

/mines info [mineName] [page]

/mines list [page]

/mines reset [mineName]

/mines set

/mines stats

/mines tp [mineName]

/mines wand

/mines whereami





/rankupMax [ladder]

/rankup [ladder]