PlayerParticles Plugin



This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft game servers.


/pp toggle

Turns the visibility of particle effects on or off.

/pp add <effect> <style> [data]

Add a new particle

/pp data <effect>

Check what type of data an effect uses

/pp edit <id> <effect> <I>Style>I>data> <args>

Edit a particle

/pp effects

Display a list of effects you can use

/pp fixed <sub-command>

Manage your fixed effects

/pp group <sub-command>

Manage your groups

/pp gui

Display the GUI for easy editing of particles

/pp help

Displays the help menu You have arrived

/pp list

Lists the IDs of your active particles

/pp reload

Reloads the config.yml and lang file

/pp remove <ID> <I>effect>I<style>

Removes some particles

/pp reset

Removes all of your active particles

/pp styles

Display a list of styles you can use

/pp toggle

Toggles particle visibility on/off

/pp version

Display the plugin version and author

/pp worlds

Find out what worlds particles are disabled in

/ppo <player> <Command>

Run a/pp command as a player



Disable update notification chat spam:

check-updates: false

Enable MySQL storage:

  enabled: true

Suitable connection values have been specified.