Jobs Reborn Plugin



Providing players with an easy way to earn in-game virtual currency, this plugin is installed on the UniversalCraft Survival Server and the Towny Server. Please note though that these are separate installations so money and experience earned within one server will not be available in the other. The plugin requires that the Vault plugin be installed as well to provide economy-based functionality.

Earning In-Game Virtual Currency

The /balance, /bal or /money commands all display the amount of virtual cash you have earned. To increase your wealth your character will need a profession where they get paid for doing work. Type the command /jobs browse to browse the available professions. The window that appears displays your options for work. Hover over each of the icons to view the details of the professions as tool-tips. Left-click a particular profession to drill down and view the jobs that can be carried out by that profession and the rate paid.

Once you have chosen a suitable profession that you feel you will be good at, right-click the icon representing the profession. Any “work” that you do in the future, such as chopping wood if you are a woodworker, will automatically reward you with experience and in-game virtual currency.

You can have up to three professions active at any one time. Be sure to choose wisely though – you will lose 30% of the experience gained if you give up a profession before mastering it completely.


List the commands provided by this plugin.

/jobs info <ProfessionName>
Shows what you would earn if you joined the specified profession.

/jobs join
Display a UI showing the available professions that you can join.

/jobs join <ProfessionName>
Join the specified profession. You can join up to three professions at any one time.

/jobs leave <ProfessionName>
If you leave a profession before fully mastering it, you will lose 30% of your experience in that profession if you rejoin it.

/jobs shop
Display a UI showing items that can be purchased using the virtual in-game currency that you have earned by completing jobs.

/jobs stats
Show your current progress in the professions that you have joined.



Enable confirmation when leaving a profession:
Commands: JobsLeave: EnableConfirmation: true

Change database storage engine to MySQL:
storage: method: MySQL
mysql: Appropriate connection values have been specified.