Iridium Skyblock Plugin



This plugin is installed on the UniversalCraft Skyblock Server.


/island border
Change the color of the border surrounding your island or remove the border altogether.

/island delete
Delete your current island permanently.

/island home
Return to your own island.

/is or /is admin

Opens the Island GUI

/is create

Creates a new island

/is invite

Invite a player to your island

/is reload

Reload the plugin configurations

/is regen

Regenerate your island

/is join

Join another players Island

/is missions

Open the missions GUI

/is upgrade

Opens the upgrades GUI

/is crystals

Shows you how many crystals you have

/is givecrystals

Gives a player island crystals

/is givebooster

Gives a player booster

/is removecrystals

Removes an island crystals

/is members

View your island members

/is fly

Toggle your ability to fly

/is about

Shows you plugin information

/is warps

Shows you your plugin warps

/is setwarps

Sets a new Island warp

/is value

Shows you your island value

/is bypass

Bypass island restrictions

/is coop

Give player permissions to edit your island

/is uncoop

Remove players permissions to edit your island

/is bank

Open the bank gui

/is biome

Open the biome gui

/is chat

Talk to your island members

/is shop

Open the island shop



Enable leaf decay:

"disableLeafDecay": false,