Hyperverse Plugin


Plugin home page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/hyperverse-w-i-p.77550/

This plugin used to be installed on the UniversalCraft PVP Server and was used to facilitate different PVP arena layouts. Described as “work in progress” this plugin wasn’t sufficiently stable and was replaced with the more well-known MultiVerse-Core instead.

The /hyperverse command can be shortened to /hv instead.


For commands that require a <Generator> parameter, specify the name of a plugin that generates the world or “vanilla”.

/hyperverse create <WorldName> <Generator> [WorldType] [Seed] [GenerateStructures] [Features] [Settings]
Create a new Hyperverse world. You will be automatically teleported to that world upon completion.

To create a normal overworld: /hyperverse create mytestworld vanilla
To create an empty flat overworld: /hyperverse create myflatworld vanilla over_world 1 false flat

/hyperverse delete <WorldName>
Delete the specified Hyperverse world. Worlds can only be deleted if no players are inside the world. This command only removes the world from the Hyperverse configuration. It does not delete the world directory.

/hyperverse find <PlayerName>
Shows which world a player is in. This command can be shortened to /hvf instead.

/hyperverse flag remove <FlagName>
Remove a previously defined flag value from the current world.

/hyperverse flag set <FlagName> <Value>
Set a flag value for the current world.

/hyperverse gamerule remove <GameRuleName>
Remove a previously defined game rule from the current world.

/hyperverse gamerule set <GameRuleName> <Value>
Set a Minecraft game rule for the current world.
Stop time advancing: /hyperverse gamerule set doDaylightCycle false
Stop weather changing: /hyperverse gamerule set doWeatherCycle false

/hyperverse import <WorldName> <Generator> [WorldType]
Imports a world directory into Hyperverse. You will be automatically teleported to the world after it has been imported. This command can be shortened to /hvimport instead.

When copying an existing Hyperverse world directory, delete the uid.dat files before importing the copy to avoid a duplicate world error.

/hyperverse info
Show information about the current world. This command can be shortened to /hvi instead.

/hyperverse list
Displays a list of available worlds. This command can be shortened to /hvl instead.

/hyperverse load <WorldName>
Load a previously unloaded Hyperverse world.

/hyperverse reload
Reload the Hyperverse configuration files.

/hyperverse teleport <WorldName>
Teleport yourself to the specified world.

/hyperverse unload <WorldName>
Unload a currently loaded Hyperverse world.

/hyperverse who
Lists which players are in which worlds. This command can be shortened to /hvwho instead.



# Whether or player profile groups are enabled grouped-inventories=false # Whether or not Hyperverse should attempt to utilize Essentials’ specific features. hook-essentials=true # Whether or not worlds should be automatically imported into Hyperverse on load import-automatically=true # Whether or not world spawn chunks should be kept in memory keep-loaded=true # Language code used to resolve translations. Currently supported: en, sv, de, cn language-code=en # Whether or not player locations should be saved to the database, and be used when a player teleports between worlds persist-locations=true # Whether or not safe teleportation should be enforced safe-teleport=true