Holographic Displays Plugin



This plugin displays floating text, items and animations to all players within a game world. This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft servers.


The /hologram command can be shortened to /hd instead.

Display plugin version information.

/hologram addline <HologramName> <Text>
Adds a new line of text to the specified hologram.

/hologram align <axis> <HologramNameToAlign> <HologramToCopy>

Aligns the first hologram to the second along the specified axis. The <axis> parameter is either “x”, “y”, “z” or “xz”. For example, specifying “y” moves the first hologram to the same height as the second, or specifying “xz” moves the first hologram to the same location as the second but without modifying the height of the first hologram.

/hologram copy <SourceHologramName> <NewHologramName>
Makes a duplicate copy of the specified source hologram.

/hologram create <HologramName> [text]
Creates a new hologram with specified name at your current location. The optional [text] parameter becomes the first text line of the hologram.

/hologram delete <HologramName>
Deletes the specified hologram.

/hologram edit <HologramName>
Lists all available commands for modifying the specified hologram.

/hologram help
Displays the main commands of the plugin. Hovering over the commands will show a popup help tooltip for each one.

/hologram info <HologramName>
Displays the content of the specified hologram, complete with line numbers.

/hologram list
List all the existing holograms and their locations on the current server.

/hologram movehere <HologramName>
Moves the specified hologram to your current location.

/hologram near <radius>
List all holograms that are within the specified radius of blocks from your current location.

/hologram readimage <HologramName> <ImageFileNameOrUri> <width> [-a]
Load the contents of an existing holographic display from an image file and scale the contents of the hologram to the specified width. The optional “-a” flag indicates that the image should be appended to the end of the current contents rather than replacing it.

/hologram readtext <HologramName> <FileName>
Loads the contents of the specified holographic display from a text file that has been uploaded into the plugin folder.

/hologram reload
Reloads the Holographic Displays configuration and saved holograms.

/hologram removeline <HologramName> <LineNumber>
Removes the specified line number from the hologram. A hologram can’t be empty – it must always have at least one line.

/hologram setline <HologramName> <LineNumber> <NewText>
Replace a line of text on the specified hologram.

/hologram teleport <HologramName>
Teleports you to the location of the specified hologram. It’s best to have flying mode enabled before issuing this command.