Floodgate Plugin



When a Minecraft Java Edition™ server is opened up to Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ players through the use of the Geyser plugin, those Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ players also need to create a Minecraft Java Edition account in order to be able to actually log in to that server.

The Floodgate plugin allows players with only a Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ account to join Minecraft Java Edition™ servers without having to go to the trouble of creating an additional account first.

Historically, Minecraft Java Edition™ and Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ were completely separate systems with their own separate player account databases. This means that, when players join together from those separate environments, there may be a conflict in the use of player character’s names. This is not normally allowed as Minecraft player names on a server must always be unique. The Floodgate plugin attempts to resolve this problem by prefixing all Minecraft Bedrock Edition™ player names with a period character.

This is not an ideal situation, but the best that can be done at present until such time that Mojang or Microsoft formally merge the two player account systems.