ExtraContexts Plugin



This plugin extends the usefulness of the LuckPerms plugin by providing additional “contexts” under which certain permissions should apply. We use this plugin to provide the context called “gamemode” so that we can define permissions to, for example, enable flying and WorldEdit commands whenever a regular player is in creative mode. This saves us from having to repeat the same permission rules over and over again for all of our servers where creative mode is permitted.

The ExtraContexts plugin provides additional contexts to allow LuckPerms permissions to only apply to particular WorldGuard regions, WorldGuard flags, whether the player is whitelisted, whether the player is in a particular team, or even if this is the first time a player has connected to a server.

This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft servers.


The plugin does not provide any additional commands of its own.


The following configuration changes were made for this plugin:


Enable the “gamemode” context:

gamemode: true