EssentialsX Plugin



EssentialsX is a suite of plugins that builds upon and greatly extends the basic functionality of Minecraft. Crucial to providing a positive game playing experience, EssentialsX plugins are installed on all UniversalCraft servers.

The main EssentialsX plugin provides a myriad of exciting new commands many of which we have documented on the next page. For example, the extremely useful /fly commands is an EssentialsX command and it is available for all players to use in any of our creative servers.

As well as new player commands EssentialsX also provides additional standard functionality for other plugins to make use of. For example, EssentialsX works alongside the separate Vault plugin to provide full economy functionality to other plugins that allow players to buy and sell items.

The optional plugin EssentialsX AntiBuild is used in UniversalCraft but has had all block placement/usage restrictions removed. This plugin is now just used to warn moderators of any potentially suspicious activity currently taking place.

Also part of the EssentialsX package suite is the optional plugin EssentialsX Chat . We have chosen not to install or use this as chat functionality within UniversalCraft is controlled by the MultiChat plugin which provides additional features such as cross-server global messaging.

The optional plugin EssentialsX Protect includes useful options such as preventing creeper explosion damage but this has NOT been installed as WorldGuard also provides this feature along with other required functionality such as being able to define regions within a world.

The optional plugin EssentialsX Spawn controls where players spawn both when they first join the server and when their character dies. The plugin is used in Universalcraft and it provides the /spawn and /setspawn commands. 

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