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The authors of the well known and highly regarded Citizens plugin provide a programmatic API that allows other Minecraft plugin developers to extend citizen functionality through the use of citizen “traits”. One such plugin that does exactly that is dtlTraders which adds a very useful shopkeeper-style trait to in-game NPCs. Once granted to a particular Citizens NPC, this trait allows players to interact with that NPC in order to buy, sell and trade a specific list of items. That list of items is defined within the game itself using a graphical user interface.

Impressed with the free dtlTraders plugin, we paid €12 to the author of this plugin to support their work and purchase a license to use the premium dtlTradersPlus version instead.


Creating NPC’s with the dtlTraders plugin trait is primarily aimed towards Minecraft server owners rather than regular players as the plugin is used to create what is more commonly referred to as “Admin” shops. It is important to understand that a Citizens NPC who has been given the dtlTraders trait does not carry a fixed amount of “inventory stock” that needs to be replenished from time to time. Rather, the NPC takes a list of item names and prices, and then it just continues to buy and sell those items indefinitely. For example, at UniversalCraft, we use dtlTraders to provide items to players via the Survival Server and Prison Server shops. For shops that should carry fixed amounts of inventory stock, that does need to be replenished from time to time, check out the dtlPlayershops plugin from the same author instead.

The process of creating and configuring a dtlTraders shop is achieved using the command /dtltraders trait but, before you issue that command, pay very close attention to the direction in which your character is looking and where they are standing. The new NPC that you are about to create will appear precisely at the same location as you, striking the same pose, and even looking in the same direction.

After entering the above command, the following GUI will be displayed:

The dtlTraders GUI interface

Somewhat confusingly, the icons used within the dtlTraders GUI interface, as shown above, have changed over time which each release of the plugin. The first icon, in the upper left (which used to be a villager egg in previous versions but is now a stone block), is used to spawn a new NPC with the dtlTraders trait. Select that icon and you will be prompted with the rather bizarre looking dtlTraders confirmation screen as shown on the right.

Click any of the green icons to confirm that you do indeed wish to create a new dtlTraders NPC.

The dtlTraders confirmation popup window

The final prompt will be to name your new trader:

Naming a dtlTraders NPC

Choose any name you like for the NPC – the name doesn’t even have to be unique. To complete the creation process and spawn your NPC, click on the piece of paper icon on the right. Your NPC, already fully equipped with the dtlTraders trait, will then appear at the exact same location that you were standing:

A dtlTraders NPC

Server owners should note that the creation of a Citizens NPC using dtlTraders completely bypasses all Citizens permissions – another reason to lock down the administration and configuration of dtlTraders to administrators only.

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