CoreProtect Plugin



This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft servers.

This plugin logs all block changes, kills, chat, etc made by players. It allows grief in an area to be quickly rolled back.

The /coreprotect can be shortened to /co instead.


/coreprotect inspect
Toggle inspection mode on or off. Left-click to view data about that black, right-click to view data for the block above the block being clicked on – used for viewing chests/doors/water/lava, etc. Can be shortened to just “/co i”

/coreprotect lookup <PageNumber>
e.g. “/co lookup 2” to show the second page of lookup results. The “lookup” command can be shortened to just “l” – e.g. “/co l 12” to show page twelve.

/coreprotect lookup b:<BlockName> t:<Time>
e.g. “/co lookup b:diamond_ore t:2d” would show who has been finding diamonds in the last two days.

/coreprotect rollback t:<Time> r:<Radius>
e.g. “/co rollback t:2h r:40” would rollback everything in a forty block radius to how it was two hours ago.

/coreprotect rollback u:<UserName> t:<Time> a:<Action> r:<Radius>
e.g. “/co rollback u:Notch t:10m a:kill r:50” would rollback last ten minutes of kills by that user in a fifty block radius.

/coreprotect undo
Undoes the last rollback command.