CharsAPI Plugin



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Although the CharsAPI plugin allows the /chars command to be shortened to /ch this shortcut is overridden at the proxy server level and claimed by the MultiChat plugin for its /channel command instead.


/chars build <Message>

Create the specified message in the default font. Use standard Minecraft color codes in the message to create non-white text but, as of April 2020, this is bugged in current versions of Minecraft Java Edition™, so create the text using this plugin but then change the default block used with WorldEdit. Use "\n" in the message to start a new line. Each created message is given a unique numerical ID.

For example: /chars build &4Hello &1World

/chars clear <ID>

Delete the message with the specified ID.

/chars font <height> <style> <font name>

Changes the font for all future created messages. The "style" parameters is 0 for normal, 1 for bold or 2 for italics.

Currently installed fonts are: Agency FB, Algerian, Bitstream Charter, Courier 10 Pitch, Cursor, DejaVu Sans, DejaVu Sans Condensed, DejaVu Sans Light, Dialog, DialogInput, Minecraft, Monospaced, Old English Text MT, SansSerif, Serif, Showcard Gothic, Utopia, Wide Latin.

The diamond block text in the UniversalCraft Lobby Server is created using these font settings: /chars font 16 1 Minecraft


No changes have been made to the default configuration of this plugin.