BungeeMail Plugin




This plugin is installed on the UniversalCraft Paper servers but the commands that it provides automatically then become available on all of the associated Spigot servers.

Player-to-player email functionality is normally provided by the EssentialsX plugin and this normally works quite well. However, players on one Spigot server cannot send email messages to players on a different Spigot server. This becomes a problem when multiple Spigot servers are clustered together into a single BungeeCord instance like UniversalCraft. For example, a UniversalCraft player who was playing on the Survival server might send an message to another UniversalCraft player who was playing on the Creative server, but the recipient of that message would not receive any notification that a new mail had arrived nor be able to read that message until they themselves also logged into the Survival server.

The BungeeMail plugin resolves this issue by allowing cross-server emailing and notifications. You can email any player (as long as they have logged into UniversalCraft at least once in the past) and they will be able to receive that message regardless of which UniversalCraft server they next use. Indeed, if they are logged into any of the UniversalCraft Spigot servers at the same time that you send the email, they will immediately see an on-screen notification that a new message has arrived.

This works really well, so much so in fact that the EssentialsX mail functionality has been disabled on all UniversalCraft servers to avoid confusion.


/mail <PlayerName> <Message>
Sends a message to another player. The other player does not need to be online or connected to the same UniversalCraft server as you in order to receive the message. Note that, unlike the EssentialsX version of the /mail command, you don’t include the word “send” in the command.

/mail list
Display all the unread messages you have received.

/mail listall
Display all the messages currently stored in your inbox.

/mail send <recipient> <message>

Send a mail with content <message to <recipient. Note that you can only send messages to players that have played on the server at least once after the plugin has been installed.

/mail help

Displays the help message.

/mail del <id>

Delete mail <id> .

/mail del read

Delete all read mails.

/mail del all

Delete all mails.

/mail sendall <message>

Send a message to all players.



Do not display the text of all unread messages when a player logs in:
showMailsOnLogin: false

Do not display the text of all unread messages when a player changes server:
showMailsOnServerSwitch: false

Use MySQL as the storage engine:
useMySQL: true