Armor Stand Editor Plugin



This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft servers.

This plugin allows places to edit armor stand poses and attributes.



Displays plugin information.

/armorstandeditor adj <adjustment>

Set the editing tool to rotate in large increments or small increments.

/armorstandeditor axis <axis>

Sets the axis used when rotating armor stand body parts.

/armorstandeditor mode <mode>

Sets the mode of the editing tool.

/armorstandeditor slot <slot>

Sets the edit tool's copy slot which will be used to either copy or paste armor stand attributes.


Opens the editing GUI for the nearest Armor Stand to the player (within a 5 block radius).

This command will require players to have the armorstandeditor.command.edit permission AND the armorstandeditor.edit  permission.



coarse: The number of rotations (and clicks) it takes to rotate a body part in a full circle using coarse adjustment. Default: 12
fine: The number of rotations to come full circle using fine adjustment. Default: 120
tool: Name of the edit tool’s item Material. Default: FLINT
lang: The name of the language file to use. The file should be in plugins/ArmorStandEditor/lang/. Default: en_US.yml
sendMessagesToActionBar: If true, send most plugin messages to the action bar instead of chat. Default: true