Advanced Portals Plugin



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We moved over to using the stunning Advanced Portals plugin because MultiVersePortals no longer worked with the release of Minecraft Java Edition™ version 1.9.

We were VERY impressed with Advanced Portals and liked it a lot as it supports BungeeCord/Waterfall/Velocity and allows players to use portals to move between defined locations even on different servers within a BungeeCord/Waterfall/Velocity cluster!

This plugin is installed on all UniversalCraft Paper servers as well as the Waterfall servers. We donated £100 to the author of this plugin to thank them for their efforts in creating it.


/destination create

Creates a destination for a portal where the player issuing the command is currently standing and looking. Destination names are forced to lower-case.

/destination list

List all currently defined AdvancedPortals destinations.

/destination remove <Name>

Remove a previously defined destination.

/portal create name:<Name> desti:<Destination> triggerblock:<BlockType>

Creates a new portal after first selecting an area with a Portal Region Selector tool.
The parameter triggerblock: should be set to whatever block will be inside the portal gateway. e.g. NETHER_PORTAL
Use an additional parameter permission:<PermissionName> to restrict who can use a particular portal.
Use an additional parameter bungee:<ServerName> if the specified destination is on another server within the Bungeecord/Waterfall cluster.

/portal list

List currently defined portals.

/portal reload

Reloads the configuration of all portals by re-reading the portals.yml and destinations.yml file in the ./plugins/AdvancedPortals directory.

/portal remove <Name>

Delete an existing portal.

/portal selector

Add portal selector tool to your current in-game inventory.

/portal warp <Name>

Warp to the destination of the named portal.


This plugin stores portal and destination location information in simple .yml files in the plugins/AdvancedPortals directory making it very easy for portals to be updated or copied outside of the game if needed without the need to use the in-game portal selector tool. Manually editing the destinations.yml file appears to take effect immediately, but the command /portals reload needs to be issued after modifying the portals.yml file to avoid having to restart or reload the server.


Disable displaying of destination name after warping:

WarpMessageDisplay: 0