Getting Started

Experienced players who have played Minecraft for years will feel right at home at UniversalCraft. Multiple servers, multiple worlds, a vast collection of modern and highly useful plugins, generous permission settings, and a regularly updated version of Paper come together to form a fantastic playing environment that is appreciated by members of our player-base who are themselves already veteran Minecraft players.

That said, UniversalCraft also wants to equally welcome and cater for new and inexperienced players as well. So, if you’re new to playing Minecraft in general, or at least new to playing it within a public multi-player environment, then this guide will help you get quickly up to speed.

Where To Begin

When you first log in to the UniversalCraft game environment you will find yourself in our dedicated Lobby Server as a guest. After having a quick look around you will be invited to be taken on a tour of the various UniversalCraft servers and features. Start the tour by entering the special server tour portal nearby.

Once you have completed the tour your character will be promoted from a guest to a fully-fledged player and you will land on the ground floor of the lobby. This new promotion has also now granted you full access to the UniversalCraft player forums website where you can post messages of your own. Using our forums is entirely optional and if you would like to take part in the discussions taking place there you will need a temporary password sent to you. Type the following command from within the Minecraft game client:

/forum register <YourEmailAddress>

The placeholder “<YourEmailAddress>” should be the full email address that you would like your temporary forum password sent to. Check your inbox for your UniversalCraft Forum credentials which you should receive shortly.

Back inside the game, proceed down the corridor behind you to explore all of the playing environments that UniversalCraft has to offer – we have portals to all of our game servers spread right throughout the lobby. We suggest finding the Survival Server “Overworld” portal and travelling through that one to begin with.

Survival Mode

You actually complete your journey into our Survival Server world by majestic sailing ship and will arrive safely at the town of Mineport that you first caught a glimpse of during one of the tour stops. You won’t be able to build in the spawn area of this or any other UniversalCraft world so just climb down the ladder on the side of the ship and follow the road out of town until you are about five hundred blocks away. If you choose to stick to the roads leading away from Mineport you will see that we have placed marker lines across the road at the point where you can begin building. Alternatively, if you have wandered off the roads and into the wilderness, or swam out to sea, check out the Survival Server Dynamic Map which you can use to find somewhere cool to explore. This map is constantly updated in real-time and you will even see your own character on the map! The protected spawn area is shown in red in the middle of the map so just move outside of that area in order to start building.

Once you find somewhere nice you can set that location as your designated Survival Server “home” so that you can find it again at any point in the future. Type /sethome to define your home location in the current world. You can test this easily by typing /spawn to return back to the ultra-safe spawn area of the world and then use the /home command to return to your home location. Note that your “home location” is different from your “respawn point” which is the area that you return to when your in-game character dies. As per standard Minecraft rules, your respawn point is automatically set to whichever bed you last slept in on the server that you are currently logged into.

Free Survival Equipment Gifts To Get You Started

Starting on a new Minecraft server is always a challenge to begin with, but here at UniversalCraft we don’t expect our new players to waste time punching trees for hours! Instead, we provide some free reward items to help kick-start your adventures. Type the following command to obtain some basic essentials:

/kit starter

The contents of the UniversalCraft “Stater” kit.

That will give you some protective clothing and a complete set of stone tools as shown above. You can even repeat this command and receive a brand new set of starter kit items every six hours if needed. Best of all, this is just the start of the free items we offer our players! You can receive additional arrows, food, experience boosts, and even free diamonds, simply by voting for UniversalCraft on the various Minecraft server listing websites. To make this as easy as possible and to ensure that you receive your rewards straight away we use VotingPlugin to automate the process. You can access the list of the websites that UniversalCraft is listed on by typing the following command:


Simply click on each WHITE link in turn that is shown inside your game client to visit each website. Here is an example of what one particular voting site looks like:

Voting for UniversalCraft at

Be sure to correctly fill in your official Minecraft username when prompted so that your character will correctly receive all of the voting rewards that you earn. Because it is all automated, you should receive your voting rewards within seconds of voting. You can vote every day and if you vote each day for a week you will receive some extra special weekly bonus rewards too! The full list of our carefully selected voting rewards can be viewed here.

Changes To Standard Minecraft Rules

To make for a more enjoyable and less frustrating gaming experience, we have made a small number of adjustments to the way Minecraft works on all of the UniversalCraft servers:

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