Our online discussion forums are a great way to get in touch with your fellow Minecraft player friends.

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The UniversalCraft Forums Web Site

Anyone can read the content published on the UniversalCraft forums, but it’s only registered, genuine players that can post messages there.

We’d sure love to see you there, so to register just log into any of the UniversalCraft game worlds using your regular Minecraft client and type the following command in-game:

/forum register <YourEmailAddress>

where <YourEmailAddress> is your own email address where a temporary password will be sent to you. For example:

How To Register On The UniversalCraft Forums

You will then be able to access the full functionality of the forums, change your password, create a forum profile for yourself, post messages, request in-game support, etc.

Click here to visit the UniversalCraft forums site.