/serversigns timelimit [maximum]

Server owners may wish to restrict the use of particular ServerSigns-controlled signs or blocks, and any rewards that those signs give to players, to a specific calendar period such as a limited-time sale or special offer. They would use this command to do so, specifying a date and time when the sign should become active and another time and date when it should be disabled.

The format of the “<minimum>” and “<maximum>” parameters should each be a thirteen-character string in the format “DDMMYY,HHMMSS” and the time component of those strings should be specified in standard 24-hour format. So, for example, to limit a sign to only being able to be used during the year 2025, use the command /serversigns timelimit 0100125,000000 311225,235959. Here, “010125” means “01 January 2025”, “000000” means “00:00:00 (midnight)”, “311225” means “31 December 2025” and “235959” means “23:59:59” on that date.

The “@” character may be substituted for the “<minimum>” parameter in which case the previously defined “<minimum>” value remains in place. This is useful for extending the period of timed during which a ServerSigns-controlled sign may be used. For example, to extend the previous example to midday on the middle of February the following year, use /serversigns timelimit @ 140226,120000.

To remove a timelimit from a ServerSigns-controlled sign or block entirely, thus making it available at any time, use the command /serversigns timelimit -