/serversigns setpermissions [m:message]

Use this command to impose restrictions upon which ServerSigns signs or blocks can be used by your players. The required “<permissions>” parameter is a space-separated list of one or more permission groups, ALL of which a player must belong to in order to be able to right-click the sign. For example, if you want to create a ServerSigns sign that only players who are members of your “moderator” group belong to, issue the command /serversigns setpermissions moderator to restrict the usage of that sign. To restrict usage of a sign to only your moderators who are ALSO donors, issue the command /serversigns setpermissions moderator donor. Moderators will not be able to use the sign, nor will donors. Only players who are both moderators AND donors will be able to right-click the sign.

The ServerSigns plugin does not appear to support more than one list of permissions, or a list of permission groups that the player only needs to be a member of one of. Using the above example, creating one single sign that can be used by moderators OR donors is therefore not possible. If the permissions plugin that you use on your server supports hierarchies, whereby a permission group can inherit all of the permissions of a parent group, then you can use that feature to implement OR logic for ServerSigns permission access. For example, at UniversalCraft, the “Administrator” security group inherits all permissions from the “Moderator” group. To allow moderators OR administrators to use a sign, you only need to restrict the sign with /serversigns setpermissions Moderator.

To remove all permission restrictions from a ServerSigns sign or block, and thus allow its use by any player, use a minus sign for “<permissions>” parameter as follows: /serversigns setpermissions -

The optional “[m:message]” parameter is used if a message should be shown to any player who attempts to use a sign for which they do not have permission to do so. Extending the above example in this way would be done as /serversigns setpermissions moderator m:Only moderators may use this sign.