/serversigns longcommand

This obscure command was designed to work around a previous 100 character limit that was imposed by earlier versions of the Minecraft client while entering text commands inside the game. As the limit is now 256 characters, this has become much less of a problem.

This command can still be of use if you want to add a long ServerSigns action command over multiple lines. This won’t allow you to create multi-line messages with a single command though – all lines entered after issuing this command are just concatenated together with a space just as soon as you toggle long mode back off by repeating the above command. For example:

/serversigns long

<message> This is

a very long

test message.

/serversigns long

After entering the rows of text, right-clicking a ServerSigns sign would apply that long command to the sign or block. For the above example this would be the same as typing:

/serversigns add <message> This is a very long test message.

If you do wish to display a large amount of text to the player or server when a ServerSigns sign is used by a player, it’s probably better to just add multiple “<message>” or “<broadcast>” actions to the sign instead.