/serversigns create

This command is used to convert an instance of a regular Minecraft sign into one that should be controlled by the ServerSigns plugin. After issuing the command, right-click the sign or block that you wish to convert into a ServerSigns block. Note that you will not be able to place or break any further blocks until you have right-clicked a block! If this command was issued by mistake, you can cancel the create operation and return to normal by issuing the /serversigns void command. Also, the ServerSigns plugin will still show the “Successfully created a new ServerSign” even if the sign that was right-clicked was already a ServerSigns sign.

If you right-click the wrong block by mistake you can undo the association with the ServerSigns plugin for that block by issuing the /serversigns delete command and right-clicking the block again.

For each block that is successfully controlled by ServerSigns, a new .yml file is created in the “./plugins/ServerSigns/signs” directory, the filename of which consists of the world name and the coordinates of the block.