/serversigns confirmation [message]

In situations where a ServerSigns sign is programmed with command actions that will drastically change a player’s gaming experiencing or charge the player a significant amount of in-game currency, it’s a good idea to seek confirmation from the player first that they did indeed mean to use the sign before running those command actions.

This can be achieved by using the /serversigns confirmation command with the “<boolean>” parameter set to “true“. i.e. /serversigns confirmation true

The player will then be prompted to use the sign a second time or issue the command /serversigns yes before the command actions will be applied.

An optional message may be specified which will be shown to the player as part of the confirmation process. e.g. /serversigns confirmation true Are you sure you wish to purchase this perk?

To remove the confirmation prompt from a ServerSigns sign or block, specify “false” for the “<boolean>” parameter instead. i.e. /serversigns confirmation false