Allows your character to take off from the ground and fly in the air without the need to equip an Elytra. In UniversalCraft, all players are more than welcome to make full use this command freely in any of our creative worlds.

This command acts as a toggle – type /fly to enable flight mode for your own character and type /fly again to disable it.

Once flight mode is enabled for your character, you can launch into the air and actually begin flying by quickly pressing a certain button or key twice in succession depending upon which gaming platform you are using.

If you are playing on a computer, press the space bar twice. For Minecraft Pocket Edition use the “Jump button”. On a PlayStation it’s the X button that should be pressed quickly twice, and it’s the A button if you are playing on an Xbox, Wii U or Nintendo Switch consoles.

Use exactly the same double-tap sequence for your particular gaming platform to stop flying and return your character to walking mode.

To gain altitude and fly higher within the current game world simply hold down whatever key or button you used to start flying. To descend and fly lower in the world, hold down the left shift key if you play on a computer, press down on the D-pad on a PlayStation or Xbox console, or press the down arrow if you are playing on a Nintendo device.

Caution: Be very careful when switching flying mode off if you are already in the air. If you are high up when you do so, and not over open water at the time, your character will immediately plummet to the ground and be either severely wounded or be killed outright.